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Facing Life's Challenges


Turning a New Page

The Tarot are a tool with which to uncover underlying strengths and  challenges in life. Using the insights that are gained during a Tarot consultation the querent can go forward and apply those to his or her life and resolve issues that might be creating impediments or fortify strengths that the querent already has. Whether the cards are used as a 'tool for lateral thinking' or as a way of gaining knowledge of the future: the oracle will always give a fresh perception on life.


Resolving Life's Challenges

As a trained magician  with experience of creating and scheduling group rituals in London I will be able to guide the client towards building on the successes of the past as well as  resolving any problems that may become apparent during a consultation. Using the power of ritual magic, knowledge and experience of both traditonal and modern witchcraft I can taylor techniques and methods to remedy most perceived obstacles in life or guide the client in the right direction.

Consultation and Guidance: Projects
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